Getting Started of Muscle Sensor

Dual Motor Driver 1A TB6612FNG

Description: The TB6612FNG motor driver can control up to two DC motors at a constant current of 1.2A (3.2A peak). Two input signals (IN1 and IN2) can be used to control the motor in one of four function modes - CW, CCW, short-brake, and stop. The two motor outputs (A and B) can be separately controlled, the speed of each motor is controlled via a PWM input signal with a frequency up to 100kHz. The STBY pin should be pulled high to take the motor out of standby mode.

Getting to know about the Peakduino UNO - Geek Plus Editon

A better one far more than the exist Arduino boards, simple, beautiful, stable, practical, functional, it is best we can easily understand the state of its work. Yes, such ideal Arduino mainboard has been born - Peakduino UNO - Geek Plus Editon.

Thorough understanding sourcecode

ArduinoRobot since the official launch, the majority of Arduino's love and concern, although the official price is expensive, but there are still a lot of fans buy to learn and use. But many users found official repository of many defects, such as tracking is not smooth, not compass calibration, LCD screen display text and so on.

SIM808 GPRS Shield for Arduino Getting Started

As we know, this SIM808 GPRS board can be used separately or as an extension board, but both of the two methods requires a external power supply.

We also need some famle to male jump wires and a power supply adapter(7-12V/2A).

Duinopeak Luban LCD - 3D打印控制面板 + RAMBo主控使用指南



好了,打开你的3D打印套件, 此教程使用的RAMBo版本为1.1b,需要正确设置USB模块的供电方式。默认出厂为外部电源供电,但是这里为了方便我们需要使用USB电源供电,将RAMBo的USB供电跳线设置为USB供电一端,如下图所示:

然后把Luban LCD Console和RAMBo主控板连接起来,如下图所示:

Duinopeak Luban LCD Console with RAMBo Controller Userguide

Prepare Hardwares

In order to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, do note before releasing your electrostatic, touch metal objects,like metal faucet or washing hands, :)

OK, open your 3D printing Kit, this tutorial uses the version of RAMBo 1.1b, you need to correctly set up the power supply jumper to USB side, because we use USB supply in this tutorial. As shown below:

Getting started with the Duinopeak Robot

OK, we got the Duinopeak Robot in our hands, then we will let it run the first sketch - LOGO.


Sketch introduction:

Load the logo image from SD card then shows in TFT LCD. Then you can use up, down, forward and backward to let the Robot Drive forward, backward, turn left and turn right.

This sketch should test lost of the robot's feauture including the SD card and compass, LCD.


Congratulations! You have you robot moves.

Now, let's start set up the programming enveriment.

Setup a Praticial Maker Workshop

Maker workshop

As a maker or want to be a maker, we need a workshop that equipped with some essential equipments.

Now duinopeak team recommend some solutions for makers who want setup their workshop.


A good Soldering Irons

A digital multimeter

A set of tools




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