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As a geek or a maker or DIY Master, how can we bear to spend big price to buy expensive commercial products,  most pre-packaged home automation solutions are expensive or limited in scope.

This site can guide you through making a highly customizable system using inexpensive components and free open-source software. The goal is to be simple enough for beginners while also being extensive enough to be useful for everybody.

Touchboard - 一款多才多艺的Arduino主控板


TouchBoard Bare Conductive 主控板原理图PDF: 文件

Getting Started of ECG/EMG/EKG Shield

This is an EKG/EMG shield which allows Arduino like boards to capture Electrocardiography Electromiography signals. The shield opens new possibilities to experiment with bio feedback.

Duinopeak Robotics

Duinopeak Robotics Products




IOIO-OTG Bootloader and IOIODude

The IOIO-OTG boards include a microcontroller (of the PIC24F family) that runs firmware which makes the board do what it does. When the boards are manufactured, someone on the production line programs (or "flashes") the latest stable version of the firmware to the flash memory that is on the microcontroller, so that when you get the board, it already works out of the box.

Raspberry Pi - The Internet

Raspberry Pi - The Internet

"If you're not wired in you're not really alive"

On this page

·       Internet - Wifi

·       Internet - Ethernet

·       Check Internet & Unplug

·       Make A Backup

Internet - Wifi

Raspberry Pi - First Time Configuration

"sudo make me a sandwich"

On this page

·       Booting Up The First Time

·       A Little Bit About Linux

·       Raspi-Config

Booting Up The First Time

1.     Download the latest Raspbian image if you haven't already.

2.     Use Win 32 Disk Imager to write the image to your SD card (follow these instructions if you need help).


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