Tired of the traditional Arduino main control board, its huge volume can meet our prototype construction though,  it is difficult to be used directly by our products and projects. It must be redesigned  to meet our needs. Is there a compact and highly scalable Arduino compatible that can be directly used in our products or projects?

After several years of open source hardware development, Boneduino has continuously improved the next generation of Arduino main control board -Boneduino Family to meet your variety of product and project requirements.

The Boneduino Family are a complete line of prototype and inventing platform that are both standalone and stackable. Theyre able to be powered by lipo batteries for on-the-go use or by their micro-USB plugs for prototype projects. Boneboard are samll, compact, stackable, easy to use and highly extendable and ultimate diverse.

Boneduino also carry a complete line of accessories and Boneduino Caps to stack boards and add function for prototyping.  The Boneduino is a complete ecosystem of products and the fastest way to turn your idea into reality.


Boneduino 32u4 Bonelogger is a small and compact, cheap and stackable Arduino compatible controller. It integrates SD card read/write and and lithium battery charging in one. It is a ready-to-use controller!

We have other boards in the Boneduino family, check'em in our store!

At the Boneduino 32u4 Bonelogger's core is an ATmega32u4 clocked at 8 MHz and at 3.3V logic. This chip has 32K of flash and 2K of RAM, with built in USB so not only does it have a USB-to-Serial program & debug capability built in with no need for an FTDI-like chip, it can also act like a mouse, keyboard, USB MIDI device, etc.

To make it easy to use for portable projects, we added a connector for any of our 3.7v Lithium polymer batteries and onboard battery charging. Or you don't want to use battery supply, then just plug in the USB cable it will run just fine straight from the micro USB connector. But, if you do have a battery, you can take it on the go, and then plug in the USB to recharge. The Boneduino will automatically switch over to USB power when its available. We also tied the battery thru a divider to an analog pin, so you can measure and monitor the battery voltage to detect when you need to recharge.

Specifications for Boneduino 32u4 series:

  • Measures 1.96" x 1.1" x 0.27" (49.85mm x 28mm x 7mm) without headers soldered
  • Measures 1.96" x 1.1" x 0.35" (49.85mm x 28mm x 8.9mm) with female headers soldered
  • Weight - 5.0 grams without headers / 7.25 grams with female headers solered
  • ATmega32u4 @ 8MHz with 3.3V logic/power
  • 32KB Flash,2.5KB SRAM,1KB EEPROM
  • 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak current output
  • Onboard Micro SD card slot
  • USB native support, comes with USB bootloader and serial port debugging
  • 20 GPIO pins
  • Hardware Serial, hardware I2C, hardware SPI support
  • 7 x PWM pins
  • 10 x analog inputs
  • Power/enable pin
  • Built in 500/1000mA lipoly charger with charging status indicator LED
  • Pin #13 red LED for general purpose blinking
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Reset button

The Boneduino 32u4 Bonelogger uses the extra space left over to add MicroSD + a green LED:

  • Pin #8 green LED for your blinking pleasure
  • MicroSD card holder for adding as much storage as you could possibly want, for reading or writing.

Ships fully tested, with a USB bootloader that lets you quickly use it with the Arduino IDE. And the assembly is up to your choice, you can choose Un-soldered option then soldering by yourself to get more fun! We also offer various header options so you can solder it in and plug into a solderless breadboard or stackable with other BoneCape boards. Lipoly battery, MicroSD card and USB cable not included (but we do have lots of options in the shop if you'd like!)


  • PWM: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 13. Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite() function.
  • Not all pins on the 32u4 support change interrupts, so only the following can be used for RX: 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 (MISO), 15 (SCK), 16 (MOSI).

For more information about this item, please visit duinopeak official website.

Package List:

  • Boneduino 32u4 Bonelogger x 1pcs


Clockspeed 8mhz

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Boneduino 32u4 Bonelogger

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