Use Peakduino’s FTDI Basic interface


The FTDI Basic interface of Peakduino

The FTDI Basic interface of Peakduino can be used standalone as a USB to TTL conventer.

Upload or update the sketch of Arduino promini/pro etc.

Communicate with other MCU via Serial port.

FTDI switch

When switch to MCU on, Peakduino juse act as a ordinary Arduino compatible mainboard.

When switch to MCU off, isolate from the MCU and  FTDI, now you can use the FTDI standalone.

When isolate from the MCU and  FTDI, the FTDI chip still connect with the shield’s hardware serial pins, which we could use the USB to debug the shield freely without any efforts,  in previously case, this could be done by upload an empty program to free the hardware serial of the MCU or remove the MCU chip from the board.

Use Peakduino as a standalone FTDI Basic to upload the program for other Arduino.

  • Upload program for Arduino promini.
  • Upload program for Lilypad.

Use Peakduino as a standalone FTDI Basic to communicate with other device.

  • Communicate with a GPS module.
  • Communicate with a Blutooth module.

Use Peakduino as a USB to Serial conventer to debug a shield when switch to MCU off

  • Debug the GPS shield via Peakduino.
  • Debug the SIM808 GPRS shield via Peakduino, use AT command set.
  • Debug the BLE shield via Peakduino, use AT command set.
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