Getting Started with Duinopeak Luban 3D Print Kit-Prepare


Prepare Hardwares

In order to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, do note before releasing your electrostatic, touch metal objects,like metal faucet or washing hands, 🙂

OK, open your 3D printing Kit, this tutorial uses the version of RAMBo 1.1b, you need to correctly set up the power supply jumper to USB side, because we use USB supply in this tutorial. As shown below:

Then connect the Luban LCD Console and the RAMBo Controller board, as shown below:




We will first download the Arduino IDE from Arduino’s website available at the following address :

Note: The Arduino IDE has configuration files for various Arduino products. So make sure you use Arduino IDE is version 1.0.5.

In order to use the LCD and take advantage of the full capabilities of the RAMBo, we will install an Arduino Addon for RAMbo by downloading it from the following URL :

Arduino IDE 1.05 Addon for RAMBo

Download the zip file and extract to you local disk which you prefer.

The file structure should be like this:

Then we need set the Arduino IDE’s Sketchbook location path, Click File->Preferences:

Copy your Luban addon folder path and paste into Sketchbook location and click OK.

Now restart your Arduino IDE.

At this point, the Arduino IDE has been set-up to work with the RAMBo. You only need to select the Serial Port the RAMBo appears on. You can now select the type of board you will use. In the case of the RAMBo, selecting the ” RAMBo “, as seen below, will work. However, this will not allow you to use extended features of your board, such as the LCD display.

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