Duinopeak MOVA SIM5320 3G Breakout

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Duinopeak MOVA SIM5320 3G Breakout小板是一个轻巧低功耗的3G开发板,板载SIM5320 3G模块。对于想探索下一代3G网络的,更好的GSM的向后兼容性并且内置GPS定位模块。快速的为您的项目添加位置跟踪、语音、文本、短信和数据只需要一个小板就可以实现。 该模块体积小巧,尺寸只有1.75“x1.6”但包含数量惊人的技术。在内心是一个强大的GSM模块(我们使用的是最新的sim5320)集成了GPS。



  • Quad-band 850MHz GSM, 900MHz EGSM, 1800MHz DCS, 1900MHz PCs - connect

onto any global GSM network with any 2G SIM.

  • American Version dual-band UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900MHz WCDMA + HSDPA
  • European Version dual-band UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100MHz WCDMA + HSDPA
  • Fully-integrated GPS (Qualcomm PM8015 GPS) that can be controlled and query over the same serial port
  • Make and receive voice calls using a headset or an external 8Ω speaker + electret microphone
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • AT command interface can be used with 300, 600, 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200, 39400, 57600, 115200, 230K, 461K, 961K, 3.2M, 3.7M and 4.0Mbps
  • Native USB support - plug it into a computer and you'll get serial ports for AT commands, GPS NMEA as well as a modem (note we've only tried out the AT&NMEA ports on Windows)

Here's the GPS specifications:

  • 16 acquisition channels
  • GPS L1 C/A code
  • Sensitivity

Tracking: -157 dBm Cold starts : -144 dBm

  • Time-To-First-Fix

Cold starts: 100s (typ.) Hot starts: 1s (typ.)

  • Accuracy: approx 2.5 meters
  • Onboard LiPoly battery charging circuitry so you can take your project on the go. Use any 500mAh+ LiPoly or LiIon battery and recharge over the MicroUSB when necessary. Two LEDs let you know when its charging and done
  • Standard 4-pole TRRS headphone jack. Use any 'Android' or 'iPhone'-compatible headset with mic
  • Breakouts for external 8Ω speaker and electret mic if you don't want to use a headphone
  • Level shifting circuitry so you can run it with 2.8V to 5V logic.
  • uFL connections for external antennas
  • Indicator LEDs for power and network connectivity
  • Standard SIM slides into the back

Bottom Breakouts