Setup Duinoopeak Robot development environment

In the previous tutorial, we run the first sketch and make our Robot moving. There is a lot of sketches in the Libraries, so we need setup the programming environment for our Robot.

It is recommend to use Arduino 1.6.2, download and unzip to your local disk.

Before we open the Arduino IDE, we need update the libraries of the Robot. As we know the Duinpeak Robot has several improvements from the original design, as below:

  • Use a 3 axis compass chip(HCM5883L) instead of the old single axis chip(HMC6352)
  • Add puzzle/grove to let the Robot interface with the electronic bricks more easy.
  • Optimized motor driver and fixed several miorr bugs.

For update the libraries we need download the updated library, and replace your exist library files. Then you can open the Arduino IDE for programming the Robot.