Getting Started with Balanbot-Remote Control


Remote control


  • Install the Android software(apk) into your Android phone.
  • Fully assembled Balanbot
  • Android phone(android version 4.0 or above)

Just download the apk into your Android phone and install it, you can find a icon named “Balanbot” in your application list of your phone as below.

Lay down the Balanbot, do not power off it, make sure the bluetooth dongle inserted in the USB hub and the bluetooth dongle should light up. Open the Balanbot App of your phone.

Note: The bluetooth should open before use the software, if not the software will request to open the Bluetooth then closed, just reopen it!

Click the bluetooth icon(the top right of the screen) and click to search the bluetooth devices, the bluetooth shoul find the device named “Balanbot*” as below.

choose it will popup the bluetooth pair window, what we need to do is input the paring code:”1234″  or “0000” (Balanbot v2.0)and click OK to confirm.

After connected to the Balanbot we can use didfferent ways to control it or view the pid params, IMU graphics and infomation of the Balanbot.

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