July 2016

Call up a Number

Make sure your got everyting ready, if not see Hookup Guide and AT Commands Simple Test, let's get started.

First of all we need hook up the hardware as below.

GPS positioning



Required hardware as below:

Set up the Software and GUI


Hookup Using Two 9V Batteries

Three‐lead Differential Muscle/Electromyography Sensor for Microcontroller Applications

1. Connect the power supply (two 9V batteries)

Overview of Muscle Sensor

Granted, using our muscles to control things is the way that most of us are accustomed to doing it. We push buttons, pull levers, move joysticks… but what if we could take the buttons, levers and joysticks out of the equation? That’s right, take the electrical signal straight from the muscle and put it into your device. Thanks to shrinking amplifier technology, we can now do exactly that!




  • NAO 开发版一台(这里用的是H25版本)
  • 充电器
  • 预装Linux的笔记本电脑或者虚拟机跑Linux也可


  • pynaoqi-python-2.7-naoqi-x.x-linux32.tar.gz

这里我们先使用python为例子,先把环境搭建好。 首先参考官网Python SDK Install Guide安装好pynaoqi。



Use Balanduino's firmware for Balanbot v1.0

In this chapter we will set up the development environment of the Balanbot using Balanduino's firmware. Balanbot v1.2 compatible with Balanduino v1.2.  

Note: Because of the differences between Balanbot and Balanduino, structure and size of the wheels, etc. The balancing effect may not good as you expected, you will have to adjust the PID params to reach your expectation.

For what version of your Balanbot, please refer to the Mainboard version as beblow. As we can see, our Balanbot version is v1.2.

Use Peakduino's FTDI Basic interface

The FTDI Basic interface of Peakduino

The FTDI Basic interface of Peakduino can be used standalone as a USB to TTL conventer.

Upload or update the sketch of Arduino promini/pro etc.

Communicate with other MCU via Serial port.

FTDI switch

When switch to MCU on, Peakduino juse act as a ordinary Arduino compatible mainboard.

When switch to MCU off, isolate from the MCU and  FTDI, now you can use the FTDI standalone.

Hookup Guide and AT Commands Simple Test

As we know, this Duinopeak SIM808 Shield design for use as an extension board of Peakduino/Arduino UNO, and it requires a external power supply.



Required hardware as below: