May 2016

Getting started with Duinopeak ECG EMG Shield for Arduino

The SHIELD-EKG-EMG is an extension module for Olimex's ARDUINO compatible boards
– like OLIMEXINO-328, OLIMEXINO-STM32 and PIC32-PINGUINO, among others. The
shield is also compatible with ARDUINO boards including ARDUINO UNO. The board
comes with mounted connectors on it.

Control Balanbot remotely via Android phone

Remote control


  • Install the Android software(apk) into your Android phone.
  • Fully assembled Balanbot
  • Android phone(android version 4.0 or above)

Just download the apk into your Android phone and install it, you can find a icon named "Balanbot" in your application list of your phone as below.

Setup the development environment of the Balanbot v1.0

In this chapter we will set up the development environment of the Balanbot using Duinopeak's Balanbot v1.0 firmware.

For what version of your Balanbot, please refer to the Mainboard version as beblow. As we can see, our Balanbot mainboard version is v1.2.



Assembly and prepare to test the Balanbot

Install the bottom

First of all we need assembly the bottom of the Balanbot.

Prepare the following parts.

Bottom Check List of Balanbot


DC Motor


Different encoder cable

Overview of Balanbot

What is the Balanbot?