April 2016

3分钟上手Makey Makey

什么是MaKey MaKey?


 如果我说我要用香蕉来弹钢琴?你肯定以为我有些不正常。这不是天方夜谭。实际上它除了可以让我们用香蕉来弹钢琴,还可以用扫把来弹吉他,或者制作真正的苹果键盘。你手头所有的工具都会被赋予新的含义。今天我们将再次深度解析MaKey MaKey。

Setup Duinoopeak Robot development environment

In the previous tutorial, we run the first sketch and make our Robot moving. There is a lot of sketches in the Libraries, so we need setup the programming environment for our Robot.

It is recommend to use Arduino 1.6.2, download and unzip to your local disk.

Before we open the Arduino IDE, we need update the libraries of the Robot. As we know the Duinpeak Robot has several improvements from the original design, as below:

Prepare and run the fist demo sketch of the Robot

As the image above, we need four Nickel metal hydride batterys for power supply, and a USB cable for programming the Robot, and the most important is the micro-sd card that for robot display images and texts as well as playing music.

OK, we got everything ready. first of all we need prepare the SD card(FAT Format) for the Robot.