February 2016

Prepare hardware and software

Prepare Hardwares

In order to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, do note before releasing your electrostatic, touch metal objects,like metal faucet or washing hands, :)

OK, open your 3D printing Kit, this tutorial uses the version of RAMBo 1.1b, you need to correctly set up the power supply jumper to USB side, because we use USB supply in this tutorial. As shown below:

Getting Started with Duinopeak Luban 3D Printer Kit

Then connect the Luban LCD Console and the RAMBo Controller board, as shown below:


Getting Started with Duinopeak Robot

Instructions before getting started with the Robot

Setup a Praticial Maker Workshop

Maker workshop

As a maker or want to be a maker, we need a workshop that equipped with some essential equipments.

Now duinopeak team recommend some solutions for makers who want setup their workshop.


A good Soldering Irons

A digital multimeter

A set of tools